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About Bailey, Global Digital Consultant

Hi, I’m Bailey. I’ve been helping businesses in their digital and marketing needs since 2013.

I have a well-rounded background in digital with the foundation of my experience being in web development, SEO, and marketing. I’ve since moved into digital marketing, digital advertising, and digital strategy with the customer experience as the driving force.

Digital Strategy

Working with the latest digital tools and insights from the top in tech, I support the planning and execution of digital marketing strategies with an emphasis in SEO and keyword research, search marketing, digital advertising, and digital strategy pulled from in-depth user insights, metrics, research, and analytics.

User & Customer Experience

Strategies created from an in-depth understanding of the user and customer in their digital needs to create an effortless digital experience, employed throughout the planning and execution of the business model.

SEO Keyword Research & Search Marketing

Detailed SEO and keyword research tools to expand on seed keywords and discover long-tail keywords for content creation to audience segments and to utilise the algorithms of Google’s SERP to the full potential, which increases organic traffic and turns into lower bidding costs and higher conversions for paid search.

Featured Work

I currently lead the B2B marketing and brand strategy for Azwood Group which currently includes two brands, Wholesale Landscapes, which provides large scale compost and growing media solutions to the horticulture and landscaping industry, and Azwood Energy which provides different wood fuel for processed heat solutions. Every product made by Azwood Group is repurposed from wood waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, dumpsites, or the general environment from foresty residues. Leading a purposeful marketing and brand strategy that is centered around sustainability and how we as a business, better the environment by repurposing wood waste.

digital marketer

I liaised with clients and suppliers managing medium to large scale website projects and provided technical support to the logistics of launching new websites. I also managed extensive SEO keyword research projects and some digital advertising projects.

Futura trailers Logo clear cut

I managed the planning, development, and execution of the ongoing global digital and marketing strategy. I also managed the digital side of new product launches. I lead our team through strategy workshops and managed extensive research projects to understand the customer and digital user experience. I managed the rollout and implementation of the CRM system after extensively researching the right CRM that would work best for the needs of the company. I managed large projects including a website redesign, product launches, global campaigns, and more. I also introduced automation from high-level growth strategies to our niche segmented audiences. I was also fortunate to work alongside NZTE and their digital advisors in addition to attending many NZTE digital and marketing workshops.


I developed, implemented, and maintained the marketing strategy to build and connect the community of the non-profit organization and to increase attendance numbers at 15+ courses per year. This included brand development, EDM distribution, social media marketing, SEO & keyword research, search marketing, digital advertising, graphic design, content creation, analytics, reporting, and more. I also hosted the college Podcast episodes 35-53. The college saw an overall 75% increase in attendance numbers and website traffic.


I developed their website and implemented an eCommerce system for Madd Goat Coffee Roasters in Patagonia – Pucon, Chile. I also helped with social media, digital marketing advice, email and technical support.

web tools

I developed the Jewett Wealth website and helped Charlie with overall digital support including social media management, technical support, content creation and graphic design. I also helped manage his podcast Renovating Retirement. I implemented SEO & keyword research into his website and also helped with his Google suite administration. I also managed a couple of e-book editing and publishing on Kindle.


I supported Tess in two of her businesses, Marketing Tips for Translators and Swedish Translation Services. I developed both WordPress websites and managed them for several years. I also supported her in Podcast management, technical support, SEO & Keyword Research, content creation, graphic design, search marketing, and more.

digital marketing

I was the social media and SEO manager for WBN marketing for over 3 years. I managed the social accounts for 10+ realtor clients for WBN including technical SEO & keyword research, content creation, and website development.


I managed the social media accounts and website for the Jazz & Tapas Bar. I also created video content, managed event coordination on the website, and worked as a bartender.

What's New!

I was the event coordinator and managed the social media accounts and finances for the farmers marketing for 3 seasons.


I helped with social media management, website development, and other digital support as needed.


I helped support technical problem solving and digital direction for a startup book launch.

Volunteer Work

Background 3x5

I partnered with a friend at Habitat for Humanity in the Philippines and designed digital brand assets for Shields for Heroes PH, a non-profit organisation that supplies face shields for medical professionals in the Philippines during covid-19.


I built a website for Ari and her Sea Stewardship project – a project she continues today on the human impact in our oceans and advocating for change. I provided digital direction for marketing and social media while living on the Rosalie Clare 70ft sailboat. I also supported the running of Ari’s business when living in Hawaii in 2015 & 2017. We have continued our friendship to this day!


I volunteered a work exchange for a Bali resort owner. I redesigned and developed their outdated website.


I volunteered as an English teacher in a small town in West Sumatra, Payakumbuh.


I volunteered at a community in Pahoa Hawaii where I cooked, cleaned, and painted to support the community. I also contributed written materials about women and travel.

After working with Bailey for a while and understood her abilities, I asked her to build me a new website for my Swedish Translation Services business and later, my Marketing Tips for Translators business. Both websites are run on WordPress and have hundreds of visitors a day. My businesses, overall, have benefited from greater exposure and a professional face outward and online thanks to Bailey's help.
The college has seen an overall increase of 75% website traffic in the current year compared to 2018, has had our flagship course with the most applicants ever recorded, and have had seminars sold out with higher registrations than ever before. Her strategy is consistent with a specific branding model. The staff and faculty at the Trial Lawyers College have been very happy with the results from Bailey and her marketing techniques. She learned quickly how to adapt our ‘lawyer’ niche into the vast nations market.
Bailey was our on-site farmers market manager. She managed our social media accounts, communications with vendors, technical support, research and recruitment for musicians and a variety of venders, email management, book keeping, and overall organisation of the flow of the city run Farmers market. Bailey also helped plan and run special events.
Bailey's role included Social Media postings for our local niche real estate clients in Collier and Lee counties. She also assisted with website and technical support. Bailey made sure our clients’ social media accounts were always up-to-date.
Bailey proved to be professionally competent and displayed strong technical and design capabilities coupled with the ability to adapt to the specific and localised demands of our business. Bailey brings a breadth of international and local experience to any future engagement that will provide immediate and measurable benefits to a business and we would not hesitate to engage Bailey in future projects.
"Bailey jumped right in and helped out with the tasks we needed. She is a good communicator, trustworthy and was willing to learn our systems. I would definitely recommend her to others."
Bailey is fantastic! She helped shepherd me through lots of complicated issues with my website. Knows her stuff, highly recommended!
I hired Bailey Schmidt as a freelancer to help out with a large client of mine. Her duties included WordPess updates and support as needed by the clients. I found Bailey to be a quick learner, responsive and professional in her responses to the client. I have watched her grow as a Web Developer. Her web skills along with her writing skills are hard to find. I would highly recommend her.
I hired Bailey Schmidt in June 2015 when I met her in Hawaii through a mutual friend. She mentioned she had experience in marketing and web design. We spent a lot of time discussing my business including the goals that I wanted to pursue in the upcoming years. Bailey built a website for me, helped with my podcast, created a blog, and because of her help I have been able to accomplish things I had been trying to get done for years. Bailey is amazing, everything I ask for gets done and for being virtual, she is very easy to reach and communicating is no problem.


I look forward to hearing from you!